Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The last cuppa....for now

Hey people! I am a little late in posting about one of the most special days I've had so far, so apologies for that, but I have been tired!.... The final date of The Ginger Tea Tour was on Sunday and my oh my it was lovely :-) We arrived on time (as usual!!haha!) and set up our gear, and at this point I was starting to get a 'dab on' as my husband puts it (aka I was sweating) as there were already a handful of people in the shop, and it was becoming apparent that as people started to arrive, it would become increasingly difficult to find any space... We were sooo overwhelmed with all the support that you all gave us, and it was an emotional moment when I looked around and OUTSIDE the cafe, and saw a whole heap of people, packed into one of the cosiest tea shops in all of Haggerston, listening to us share with all of you! I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the people who made The Ginger Tea Tour possible namely: The Arts Council, Rachel Nelken, Miranda Suit, Lakwena Maciver, Sammy Gunnell, Melo, Alimah Sitta, Haggerston Tea Rooms, Healthy Stuff, The Vortex downstairs, Brewode's Cornucopia, Leila's Shop, The Counter Cafe, Mouse & De Lotz, Lock 7, Platform Cafe, The Grocery & Moreti's. Without all your help we would not have been able to pull of this tour, so thank you!! We have had a blast, and I have learnt a small part of the art of perseverance! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from the Abimaro & The Free camp....check this amazing video out all about The Ginger Tea Tour.....special thanks to Proud Foot for this beautiful video :-) Big up to ED!!


  1. Still a shame I missed it! The other video of the tour is great and really give an insight into the vibes! Now we just have to wait for the next EP..

  2. Well done Abimaro. You are truly an inspiration and your music/voice is amazing!

    Hang in there, that signing is coming soon :-)