Friday, 4 May 2012

Leila's & Moreti's!

Hello folks, Sorry that this update is coming a few days later than expected, but what can I say?....I've been busy! So Abimaro & The Free were at Leila's shop on Wednesday, and we absolutely LOVED it! It's incredible to have been given the opportunity by The Arts Council to do this tour, we just rock up at these amazing coffee shops and share our hearts, and it's fantastic. Every shop on the tour has been totally unique and beautiful! Moreti's was EPIQUE! WOW! Let's just say that we had a mixture of technical and "homely" difficulties, but were then overwhelmed by the love that everyone who came down gave us! It was amazing to have such a small space rammed with such lovely people...who would have known that a basement in Hoxton would be such a great place to share! BIG love to everyone who came down to both gigs, and if you didn't make it then you still have one LAST chance to see Abimaro & The Free on The Ginger Tea Tour. We will be at Haggerston Tea Rooms,224 Haggerston Road,London,E8 4HT from 7pm this Sunday 6th May...Please come down and share a cuppa with us as we say farewell to this part of the adventure! See you there! Xx

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  1. Thanks for keeping this Blog and excellent photo-shoots. I can almost smell the coffee (and the ginger tea)!!
    P.S Where did you get that nice outfit?